Eagles Group for Security Services Company


Main training courses (general principles - inspection –controlling entry and exit evacuation).

The best

Refresher courses planned by the operations manager on monthly basis to raise efficiency and transfer knowledge.

Vip Prepared

Specialized courses (industrial security- first aid-civil defense-explosives)

Enhanced defense and techniques

Courses on use of electronic security devices, wireless devices and metal detection devices

Securing and guarding facilities

 When it comes to your security services We specialize in providing armed and unarmed security services to clients, in the public and private sectors, in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Interior, where the work teams are carefully selected from the security elements .. according to the needs of each client, after passing many tests and strict checks, bearing in mind that All our security personnel are trained

Industrial Security Forces and Protection civil

Eagles Group for Security has technical cadres holding training courses in the field of industrial security, civil defense, fire and evacuation method in order to secure factories and companies against the dangers of fire and natural disasters, in addition to the presence of a group of specialists in this field to study the capabilities of sites and the availability of security and safety systems for firefighting equipment and put Contingency plans to protect the facility.



Security systems

Eagles Group for Security has a special administration whose job is to secure important conferences and parties. We rely on distinguished security personnel who are trained to deal immediately and private guards. The security plan and security perception are also developed according to the facility, with the need for trained guards able to protect public and important figures and business men



private guards

Eagles Group for Security has a special department for private and personal guards, a service that Guards relies on providing men with high level of mental and physical capabilities and experience, as it trains and rehabilitates them with elite cadres in the security forces who have previously worked in the armed forces.









K9 forces

Eagles Group for Security owns a special unit of dogs trained and equipped to help secure the facilities and assist the security men to perform the security service in the highest quality, where the dogs are trained to guard and detect explosives and explosives through a training course at the Police Academy affiliated to the Ministry interior



Our partners of success

The Company's Obligations

Eagles Group Security is committed to the following:

1- Specific numbers pursuant to the concluded contract during its validity period

2- The uniform of the company according to the type of security specified in the contract

3- Changing any person rejected by the other party within 72 hours after identifying reasons

4- Social and medical insurance of security officers so that no monetary of administrative burdens are borne by the other party

5- Immediate reporting to security authorities (Police- Firefighters – Explosives Specialists) when required and determining the suspect object

6- Providing a control room at the operations center of the company to provide lines (cell phones-wireless)

7- The company is committed to a definite system of visiting personnel on regular basis to ensure their compliance and best performance of their duties 24 hours a day

About Us

Eagles Group for Security Services Company (formerly Egyptian Group for Security Services) is one of the top companies in Egypt authorized by the ministry of interior to work in the field of security and guarding upon license No. 55/2017 , Performing security services with professionalism and efficiency.

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